What we can offer:

For over seventy years IALPA has served the needs of Irish professional pilots. Our mission is to be the advocate of the Irish piloting profession; providing representation, services and support to both our members and the aviation industry.


This goal is realised through our core function, which is to represent our members by:

  • Protecting and improving the career prospects, and quality of life for our members
  • Improving Salaries and Pension provisions
  • Representing and supporting for individuals involved in disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Providing legal assistance (where deemed appropriate) to members
  • Providing guidance and advice on aviation medical issues
  • Lobbying the regulatory authorities who legislate in aviation matters


To achieve these goals we have built up a high level of expertise in dealing with pilots’ issues, both industrial and professional, and interact with international organisations to achieve the highest level of representation of our members.

We also give a platform to facilitate the exchange of information and the co-ordination of activities amongst our members through various forums ranging from discussions on Safety & Technical issues to working conditions.


Through our Safety and Technical Committee (S&T) we aim to promote and enhance the role and status of professional pilots and ensure the safety of the aircraft and well-being of passengers and goods entrusted to their care. This committee is involved with all matters pertaining to safety in the aviation industry. It performs valuable work both locally and internationally, and is highly respected world-wide.


The Pilots Advisory’ Group (PAG) is a body dedicated to the welfare of our members. It is a mutual support group set up by IALPA to offer help to members in difficulty. Committee members are not counselors, but will refer individuals with problems to expert counselling services where necessary.


Financial Services

In addition to these professional services we also offer a number of financial benefits to our members.

Some of the benefits available to members include:

  • Loss of Licence Insurance: IALPA has negotiated deals with major insurers to provide high quality loss of licence policies at preferential rates.
  • Permanent Health Insurance: This a new ‘income protection scheme’ tailored for pilots. Attractive rates and benefits have been negotiated for IALPA members. PHI premiums are tax deductible and offer a flexible alternative (or adjunct) to a Loss of Licence policy.
  • Retail discounts: A wide range of stores offer significant discounts to IALPA members on production of their Forsa/IALPA membership card.
  • Mortgages, Loans, etc: A number of deals have been negotiated with several of the major financial institutions to provide discount mortgage rates, free banking and more. These deals are available exclusively to IALPA members.
  • House/Car Insurance: Attractive rates are on offer to our members through our partner insurance companies. Further details can be obtained direct from IALPA.

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