IALPA position on “Sky Marshals”

The Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (IALPA) remains opposed in principle to the deployment of firearms aboard aircraft.

Our policy in relation to aviation security is that, where possible, all security threats are eliminated on the ground. The potential introduction of “Sky Marshals” onto Irish registered aircraft must in no way divert the responsibility of Government from ensuring that such security threats are eliminated prior to the aircraft’s departure.

Since the advent of civil aviation almost a century ago, the international aviation community has invested huge effort and resources into keeping guns off aircraft, for safety and security reasons that remain valid today. In this context, we will seek to ensure that any change in this area will only be made after a comprehensive consultation process.

The high standards of safety in the aviation industry have been the result of years of collaboration and a very real shared-ownership of responsibility for safety by all involved.

We believe that for security to be fully effective, any changes of such fundamental significance must be the result of collaboration, and that every body with responsibility for security must consider the function and role of other parties in the process. The regime which underpins involvement and consultation in flight safety should also be the prevailing regime in flight security.

IALPA is committed to ensuring that all travellers aboard Irish registered aircraft continue to enjoy the highest standards of both flight safety and security.



Captain Conor Nolan
Director Safety & Technical
Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association