IALPA Refute claim of involvement in Ryanair Crisis.


The Irish Air Line Pilot’s Association (IALPA) strongly refutes Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive of Ryanair’s claim that our Association is behind the current crisis between their company and their pilot body.

IALPA represents a number of Ryanair pilots but we have clearly stated in all interviews and media releases that we are not the spokesperson or representation association for their pilot body.

As a professional representation body for pilots we have provided analysis of the dispute to media outlets.

We are aware that several meetings have been held at Ryanair bases throughout Europe and that correspondences have been exchanged but we have not been part of these meetings nor have we been a party to/included in these correspondences.

Captain Evan Cullen, IALPA president states:

“IALPA believe that this latest line taken by Ryanair management is to further distract from their current crisis. “Rather than drawing attention away from the issue at hand they should focus on the problem and create a suitable solution for the travelling public and their employees.”




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