Examination of the IAA in accordance with Section 32 of the IAA Act 1993

On the 26th April 2016 representatives from the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (IALPA) made a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) request to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to release the finding of a statutory examination of the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

This examination, conducted by consultancy group Helios in 2014 under Section 32 of the IAA Act 1993, reviewed the performance of the IAA in their application and enforcement of technical and safety standards in civil aviation in Ireland.

When the audit was completed a report was submitted to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in late 2015, approved by the Government in early 2016 and an executive summary published on the Department’s website in April 2016.

However, despite a number of requests from IALPA, the full body of the report has not been made available outside of the Department or the IAA until today.

The IALPA President Evan Cullen stated “The Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association represents over 1,200 professional Irish pilots. These pilots are regulated by the Irish Aviation Authority, who are responsible for the management of Irish controlled airspace, the safety regulation of Irish civil aviation and the oversight of civil aviation security in Ireland.

“The safety and security of our members and the travelling public is directly related to the performance of the IAA.

“It is unfortunate that it has taken such a long FOI process to release this report but the public are entitled to be made aware of the contents of reports such as this.

“IALPA and our members will take time to consider any issues raised in this report and look forward to engaging with Minister Shane Ross on these important matters.”



Notes to editors:

Please see the attached link for Section 32 of the Irish Aviation Authority Act 1933:


Contrary to the provisions of Section 32, there were no examinations completed in 2007, 2010 or 2013.

Following repeated IALPA requests to the then Minister Leo Varadkar an examination was commissioned to take place in 2015 by aviation consultancy company Helios:


Please see the link below for the Executive Summary of the Examination of the IAA in accordance with Section 32 of the IAA Act 1993:


The release of this report was denied by the FOI Unit in the Daapartment of Transport in June 2016 and successfully appealed by IALPA to the Office of Information Commissioner.


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