Proposed BELFAST Base

  • Aer Lingus Chief Executive Dermot Mannion, pre IPO committed to adhere to all existing collective agreements with staff including the pilots following the flotation in 2006.
  • Aer Lingus post IPO, sought pilot agreement to terms for the setting up of the Cork base as a matter of urgency.
  • Pilots then transferred from Dublin to Cork in accordance with negotiated collective agreement between Aer Lingus and IALPA.
  • Pilots based in Cork work under the same terms & conditions and salary as pilots based in Dublin.
  • IALPA have offered to replicate this process for the setting up of the proposed Belfast base.
  • IALPA support Aer Lingus’ investment in Northern Ireland; IALPA wish to see such investment in the context of an All Island economy of equal partners rather than a two-tier one.
  • IALPA have always been willing to enter talks about the proposed Belfast base.
  • IALPA have offered Aer Lingus a number of options which would see the withdrawal of industrial action.
  • Over 20 serving Aer Lingus Pilots have expressed interest in returning to the North to work from the proposed base.
  • Serving pilots have been told by Aer Lingus they must resign from their position in Dublin prior to being employed by Aer Lingus in Belfast.
  • IALPA wish to support the expansion of Aer Lingus and contribute to the company’s growth to maintain the airline’s independence.
  • IALPA do not support the creation of new bases designed solely for the purpose of saving money by employing staff on inferior pay and conditions.