New website is launched

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed IALPA website.

The site’s homepage features bright colors and an uncluttered design to help keep things fresh and simple. To start with, we’ve streamed lined our menus to give you quick access to the items you’re looking for. We’ve consolidated information on our organisation, our history, our associates and committees to help give a clearer picture of what IALPA is and how we can work for you.

Looking for a press release or trying to find information on how to join? No problem, we have you covered with easy to find links and icons. The site has also been designed with mobile devices in mind and should be fully functional no matter what type or size of device you have in your hand!

Although we’ve tried to make all previous links on the previous site point to the equivalent or relevant information here – due to the significant changes in the website architecture, we know there may be the odd digital hiccups along the way. If you find something that needs fixing please drop us a message!

So please have a look around and we hope that you enjoy the new IALPA website.