IALPA supports U.S. Congressman’s action
against Norwegian Air International


The Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (IALPA) welcomes and supports Congressman Peter A. DeFazio’s action against the controversial application of Norwegian Air International’s (NAI) to provide services in the EU-US marketplace.


As the registered trade union representing the interests of Irish pilots, we commend Congressman DeFrazio for standing up for the labour rights and principles of pilots and flight attendants on both sides of the Atlantic.


The opposition mirrors both European aviation Unions and US Unions, and centres on NAI’s employment model being incompatible with specific labour provisions in the US-EU Air Transport Agreement which serves the transatlantic market between Ireland and America.


IALPA actively encourage route expansion from Ireland and would embrace any new transatlantic flights from any of Ireland’s airports.


However those who seek to advance aviation in Ireland and the standards attached to it should not condone nor be drawn into NAI’s gamesmanship in using the peoples of Cork as a pawn in a transatlantic legal battle between the US and EU Department’s of Transport.


The parent company of NAI already has several US permits with which they could operate transatlantic flights from Ireland including Cork and IALPA would support these new routes to the U.S. if NAI used these existing rights.


In support of Open Skies Congressman DeFrazio, a ranking member of the Committee of Transportation and Infrastructure, has introduced a bill to the 114th House of Congress which will bar the U.S. Department of Transportation from issuing a foreign air carrier permit until NAI can assure that the opportunities created by the agreement do not undermine labour standards or labour-related rights and principles contained in the US or European Laws


IALPA supports the U.S. representative’s bill and welcomes it’s timely nature as the EU Commission for Transport are to seek arbitration to resolve the ongoing controversy.




Note to editors:

Please see the attached letter from EU Commissioner Bulc and letter from Congressman Peter A. DeFazio’s to the EU Commissioner for Transport, dated 28 July 2016.

For more information bill H.R.5090 please follow this link:




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Commissioner Bulc letter to Secretary Foxx

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